Brexit won’t deter Deutsche Börse from LSE merger

Deutsche Borse's Frankfurt headquarters


Deutsche Borse’s Frankfurt headquarters

Its supervisory board chairman Joachim Faber said on June 29: “We will continue to put all our strength behind realising this project.”

Faber said the vote made it more important to maintain stable financial relations with the UK and Frankfurt should take a leading role in making sure this happens. He didn’t address the question of where the merged company would be based, an aspect of the merger that has became an issue after the vote.

On June 28, Germany’s top financial regulator, BaFin, said the headquarters of a combined exchange would have to be moved away from London, the city that until now has been designated as the future base. German politicians and investors have also called on Deutsche Börse’s management to rework the plans to ensure the merged companies’ new headquarters wouldn’t be outside the EU.

A Deutsche Börse committee focused on the referendum will continue to meet regularly in the coming months to examine developments and consequences for the merger, said Faber, who heads the committee.

“This involves a comprehensive analysis of economic, political, regulatory, supervisory and tax implications,” he said.

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