Brilliant Ways to Reuse Dryer Sheets

A lot of us use dryer sheets in our laundry…and a lot of us just toss them in the trash afterward. But, once you see all the nifty ways you can use these things – and save money to boot – you’ll look at them in a whole new way.

First, let’s talk cleaning. Dryer sheets reduce static cling, making them perfect for dusting your TV, computer screens, countertops, window blinds and everything in between. Don’t want to buy pricey refills for your dust mop? You don’t need to. Just stick a few sheets at the end of your handle, and you can still sweep up without the extra cost!

Next, open your gym bag…do you smell something? You don’t need to, thanks to dryer sheets, which work great as deodorizers too! Put them in your shoes, luggage, even at the bottom of your trash bin, to minimize any unwanted fragrance.

Lastly, know what else these will help you get rid of? Mosquitos! Before you venture into bug-land, take a couple of sheets and wipe them over your skin, and tuck one in a pocket for good measure. This will help minimize your scent and keep you out of their dinner plans.

Doing laundry never seemed so appealing, right? Give these tips a shot and you’ll see that a few dryer sheets can go a long way to help you save.

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