Easy and cheap ways to make your home more secure — Savings Experiment

Easy and Cheap Ways to Make Your Home More Secure Did you know: Home security doesn’t always need to come with a hefty price tag?

To make sure your home isn’t a target for burglars, use inexpensive plug-in timers to operate your lights and appliances while you’re away. Leaving a small desk radio on for 6 hours a day only costs about 22 cents per month.

Also look into motion-detecting floodlights, which cost as little as $ 12. Just remember to put them in a high enough place so they can’t be broken or dismantled easily.

Lastly, remember the most common entry points for thieves — the front, side and back doors, the first floor window, and the garage. Always keep these points locked and secure, and while you’re at it, put up home security stickers in these spots too. You can find these for as low as $ 10 on eBay. Having a few displayed will make anyone think twice before breaking in.

So remember, even if you don’t have a big budget, there are some low-cost ways you can protect your home.

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