FN Logic Puzzle: Coffee morning

Many staff at Molin Jeffberg Bank feel they need a coffee before they can get going in the morning and four of them have made their normal order at the coffee bar before getting down to work. Each has ordered a different coffee with a different special twist, and a snack to stand in for the breakfast they should have had before leaving home. Can you work out who ordered the Americano coffee? CLUES BELOW


1) David has soya milk in his morning coffee – he’s read somewhere that it’s good for him, he can’t quite remember in what way, but he’s certain that it’s good for him; he never buys a muffin, not on work days anyway.

2) Karen would like to start her day with a wholesome bowl of porridge but never has the time and so has to settle for a croissant; she isn’t the staff member who has a decaf latte to ease their way into the day.

3) One employee has ordered a cappuccino and a low-fat Greek yoghurt.

4) The employee who orders a morning sugar rush of coffee with added hazelnut syrup and a flapjack isn’t Rupert and isn’t the staff member who kick-starts their morning with an Americano coffee.

Cracked it? Send your answer to puzzle@efinancialnews.com by midday on Thursday, June 30 for a chance to win an exclusive puzzle champion mug. If you are selected as a winner, your name and company will be published unless you state otherwise.

In last week’s puzzle, it was the non-executive directors from whom the CEO found it necessary to hide their best booze. Congratulations to Oliver Arengo-Jones of SGCIB, who won the prize mug.

Here is the solution: The biggest shareholder is going to the men’s singles final (clue 1), so the CEO’s friend from university, who isn’t going to the women’s singles final (clue 3), must be going to a doubles match. So he’s not being treated to the vegetarian buffet, which is being organised for a singles match (clue 4) or to the oysters (clue 3).

The Japanese distribution partner is being given the best champagne (clue 1), so the CEO’s old friend from university must be going to enjoy the Gordon Ramsay catering. This is for the same time as a women’s match (clue 2), so it must be the women’s doubles final, after which the box will need some extra cleaning (clue 3).

The Japanese distribution partner isn’t going to the men’s doubles final (clue 1), so must be invited to the women’s singles, leaving the non-executive directors watching the men’s doubles. So they won’t be having the vegetarian buffet (clue 4) and must be having the oysters, leaving the biggest shareholder with the veggie buffet. This occasion needs extra something (clue 4) but we know it’s not extra cleaning, so it must be extra security.

Finally, the corporate brochures aren’t for the non-exec directors, so must be for the Japanese distribution partner to read with his best champagne during the women’s singles final, leaving the non-executive directors watching the men’s doubles, eating the oysters and, if the plans have gone well, not being able to find the best booze.

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