FN Logic Puzzle – Relocation, relocation


1) Andy is a sensitive soul and doesn’t work well in a draught, so has insisted he should be positioned nowhere near any air vent; he also has no particular desire to be close to the fridge.

2) Davina is a valued, if a bit difficult, member of the Legal Department.

3) The tiresome Human Resources staff member, who isn’t Simon, has insisted upon a desk as far away as possible from the lift; the demanding employee from the Trading Department needs to be near the coffee machine.

4) Nektaria needs a desk by the window – “I need to see the sky, it helps my mind fly,” she says, more than a little pretentiously.

5) The employee who feels the need to be as close as possible to the Technical Support people (preferably within shouting range) isn’t the one from Treasury, who isn’t the employee who just can’t bear to be near the photocopier.

Cracked it? Send your answer to which employee requested to be as far away as possible from Pete in Finance, to puzzle@efinancialnews.com by midday on Thursday, August 11 for a chance to win an exclusive puzzle champion mug. If you are selected as a winner, your name and company will be published unless you state otherwise.

Congratulations to Tara Annison of HSBC, who correctly worked out in last week’s puzzle that it was Raj from HR who used his cat as an excuse for avoiding the company summer party.

Here’s the solution:

Franck has been asked to organise the homemade lemonade (clue 3) and Raj works in Human Resources (clue 5), so the Tech Support staff member who has been asked to organise the music from the boombox but who isn’t Max (clue 2), must be Phil, who can’t attend because he needs to wait for the postman, maybe.

Franck doesn’t work in the Marketing Department (clue 3), so he must be in the Development Department and, therefore, recently nervous about Lyme Disease. By elimination, Max must work in the Marketing Department. So he hasn’t been asked to provide water pistols (clue 3) and must have been asked to organise the nibbles, leaving Raj sourcing the water pistols.

Finally, the agoraphobic, hay fever-suffering, insect-hating staff member with a cow phobia isn’t Raj, so must be Max from the Marketing Department, leaving Raj from Human Resources excusing himself from both finding water pistols and attending the party because his cat will need looking after. Honest.

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