How to take advantage of shoulder seasons

How To Take Advantage of Shoulder Seasons Did you know: Booking your vacation in between high and low seasons can help you rake in the biggest savings?

This timeframe is called the shoulder season, and it typically falls right before, or immediately after, the primetime vacation frenzy.

According to travel analysts at Expedia, booking a U.S. beach vacation in September or October may reveal oceanside deals for up to 38 percent off peak travel rates.

Looking to go someplace else? Luckily, it’s always shoulder season somewhere. Europe and the Mediterranean can be hundreds of dollars cheaper in the fall, while skiing in the spring can slash resort prices by up to 50 percent.

Timing is everything, so do your homework – but be careful not to book off-season. It’s called “off” for a reason. No matter how low the price, bad weather and closed attractions don’t equal a good time.

So plan ahead, and find that sweet spot for your next destination. You might find that shoulder season can be the best time to save.

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