Maximize the Resale Value of Your Car

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There are some easy things you can do to get more money for your used car, with a little less stress!

First, spruce up your vehicle – and not just the interior. A good wash on the outside and a thorough detailing on the inside can help let nervous buyers know that your little roadster has seen a lot of love.

If you need some help, look into hiring a professional detailer. For between $ 100-$ 200, they’ll rejuvenate your ride by removing minor paint imperfections, buffing the finish, and cleaning the carpets….it’s like a spa-day for your car. Just doing this can potentially get you over $ 500 more on your sale – so depending on your vehicle, it may be worth it!

Next, inspect your tires. Seasoned buyers always check the tire tread to get a sense of overall wear and tear. If your treads are worn out or uneven, replace the tires at the very least with some used ones, which can cost as low as $ 30 per tire. A small price to pay, considering that buyers will often expect a big discount if the tires are in poor condition!

So give these simple tips a try…with a little prep, you can get more cash for your used car. Farewell, old friend!

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