Should You Replace Your Grill This Summer? — Savings Experiment

Should You Replace Your Grill This Summer? Did you know: When shopping for a grill this summer, the longer you wait, the more you’ll save?

It’s true — according to DealNews, you’ll find the steepest discounts in August and September. By Labor Day weekend, some retailers can cut costs by up to 70 percent as they try to clear their summer inventory to make room for Halloween and Christmas.

And when you do make your purchase, look for a brand that has a burner warranty of at least 10 years. Each part of the grill has different coverage, and since burners are a commonly replaced piece, it’ll pay off to know your warranty before you buy.

Lastly, if you don’t mind buying something slightly used, consider getting a floor model. With floor models you can negotiate for a better deal, and sometimes get up to 50 percent off the already discounted price. Just make sure you know the store’s return policy before you buy.

So remember, if you want to see some big savings this summer, consider getting that grill a little later.

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